• The spirit of the league is to have fun, meet new people, and to enjoy competitive football in a social setting.  The spirit of the league shall take precedence at all times.
  • The League commissioner reserves the right to amend the rules as necessary to ensure that the spirit of the league is met.
  • Overt acts of poor sportsmanship, aggression, or other misconduct may result in disciplinary action to include suspension or possible expulsion.
  • Warnings will always be given on an individual basis first. Repeat offenses will require the league director to consult the entire team. After the team as a whole has been warned, individual suspensions will be assigned. If again, an offense is repeated after a suspension, the individual will be removed from the league. If after such an instance, an offense is made once again by any member of the team, the whole team will be removed.


  • Team of four, minimum of ONE girl per team on the field during the game.
  • There will be a 10 minute grace period
  • There are a maximum of eight players allowed on the league roster.
  • Each player must play AT LEAST 2 regular season games to participate in playoffs.


  • The game will consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock in each half. Both teams are encouraged to keep an eye on the clock.
  • Each team will have one, two-minute time out per half.
  • A ball marker (cone) for the line of scrimmage must be used at all times.
  • Each player must wear a flag belt with two flags.  The flags must be located on the players hips and of a color that contrasts with the player’s shorts and/or shirt.
  • Ball will be placed three steps from the goal line.

Tie Breaker/Over Time

  • In the event the score is tied at the end of regulation, the winner will be decided by tiebreaker.
  • Each team will be afforded one opportunity (play) to score on an alternating basis until one outscores the other.  
    • Example one:  Team A does not score, Team B does score, Team B wins.  Example two:  Team A scores, Team B scores, Team A scores, Team B fails to score, Team A wins.
  • Initial possession will be decided by rock-paper-scissors.


  • All penalties will be on a “call your own” basis.
  • All disagreements will be settled by rock-paper-scissors
  • Discrepancies will also be managed by league officials for rule clarification and dispute.



  • Guys score is worth 1
  • Girls score is worth 2 (note: The girl must either catch the pass in the end zone or physically carry the ball over the goal line.  A girl throwing a touchdown pass does not qualify.)

First downs

  • There is one first down when the offensive team crosses midfield.


  • There are no fumbles or recoveries. In the event of a fumble, the ball will be marked where the person was, or where the ball landed, which ever was further back.


  • There is no blocking permitted.


  • The quarterback may self-snap/hike  and take several steps back from the line of scrimmage prior to snapping/hiking the ball.
  • The quarterback can not snap/hike the ball until the ball marker has been placed and the offensive team is set on the field.

Running Plays

  • There is only one run permitted per four downs. Max you can do is 2 per drive.  A “run” is either a pitch, hand off, lateral, screen pass (where the ball does not cross the line of scrimmage) or quarterback scramble/sneak/run. 
    • If you pitch the ball behind the line of scrimmage, it counts as a running play and the person can run or pass. Defender can stop counting and rush in immediately upon catch of the pitch.
  • The quarterback may only run after a defensive player has crossed the line of scrimmage following the pass rush count.  The quarterback can run around the rusher. The moment the QB gets past the line of scrimmage, it counts as the running play. Designed QB runs that get their flags pulled before crossing do NOT count as a rushing play. It counts as a sack.
  • On a run play, the defense does not have to count prior to rushing

Forward progress 

  • Marked by where a players hips were when flags were pulled. No diving or reaching of the ball. Only exception is sideline plays where only 1 foot is required if leading outwards on the sidelines only. 
    • For example: a 1 foot down catch with ball and hip out of bounds is good to go. If someone is in the end zone, and the ball is short, they come out of end zone with a foot still in and get pulled, it’s NOT a TD.

Passing plays

  • There is no setting of screens or picking of the defensive player allowed.
  • The offensive player may not push off from their defender.
  • The receiver only needs one foot in bounds for the reception to be ruled a completion.

Punts/Kick offs

  • There are no punts or kick offs.
  • If a team chooses to 'punt', the receiving team gets possession of the ball three steps from their own goal line.


  • The offensive team may only spend 1 minute in the huddle.  After one warning, failure to comply will result in a loss of down.
  • The offensive team may not have anymore than four players in the huddle.

Flag Guarding

  • The offensive player may not use their hands to “guard” their flags nor can the spin excessively to avoid their flag being pulled. One total spin is allowed and accidental flag guards count as a pulled flag. A player’s hands or elbows may not touch a defender’s while he/she is reaching for the flag. This is considered Flag Guarding.


Pass Defense

  • There is no intentional contact permitted with the offensive player.
  • Defenses may use zone or man defense. Guys can cover girls and vice versa on any play.

Pass Rush

  • Guys and girls rushing the quarterback are required to count to 5 'Prank Monkeys'.


  • There is no physical tackling of the offensive player.  The offensive player is considered "down" when one or both of their flags are pulled.
  • In the event that one of the offensive players flags comes off prior to being pulled by a defensive player. The offensive player is down when touched by the defensive player.
  • In the event that the offensive player falls to the ground (for safety purposes, one knee on the ground will qualify as on the ground), the offensive player is down when touched by the defensive player.


  • There is no stripping the ball from the ball carrier.
  • In the event that the offensive and defensive players catch a ball at the same time, possession will be awarded to the offensive player.