August 14th

Court 1 - Best Sets of Your Life v Team TBD
Court 2 - Setters of Catan v We Pay for Pitchers
Court 4 - Put it on My Tab v Kiss My Asana
Court 5 - Tower 12 v Win or Lose, We Booze
Court 6 - Beeraoke v Right Now or Else
Court 7 - Sets on the Beach v We Hate Our Wives
Court 8 - Bump in the Night v That's What She Set
Court 9 - We Had a Meeting v Burnt Toast
Court 10 - Push Me Outside v Bringing Setsy Back
Court 11 - Arm n Hammered v How You Lose a Point
Court 12 - Something Clever v Wet Sets

July 31st

Unfortunately, no games again due to AVP.  See you next week!

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